Culinary star

Rustle up a quick and flavourful supper with our wonderful range of Parma ham

Sweet, tender and versatile, Parma Ham slices by Sainsbury's are perfect for transforming your meals. Made using Italian pigs, salt, air and time, this 100% natural ham has absolutely no added additives or colourings – its unique taste comes from a traditional production process that has been passed down from Roman times. Arrange it on top of homemade pizza, add it to salads or for a quick and simple mid-week dish, try our salmon and Parma ham parcels (below).

Culinary star from Sainsbury's magazine on Vimeo.

PDO-certified (Protected Designation of Origin) and Ducal Crown-awarded (given to hams that have passed stringent curing regulations approved by the EU and have been aged for a minimum of 12 months), it's authentic and high-quality. Why not discover for yourself how tasty and versatile this all-star ham is?

Parma Ham slices by Sainsbury's are available to buy online.




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