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Kim Morphew

London-based food stylist and writer Kim Morphew has been contributing to Sainsbury's magazine since 2008. She is creator of the children's cookery book and baking range, The Kookey Chefs.

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Mojito-style cheesecake

  • Serves 9
  • Total time 35 mins, plus chilling
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Mojito-style cheesecake
Mojito-style cheesecake

step by step

  • 1Grease and line a 20cm square cake tin. Whiz the coconut macaroons to coarse crumbs in a food processor then press firmly into the base of the tin using the back of a spoon.
  • 2For the filling, put the cream cheese, double cream and condensed milk in a bowl and whisk until smooth. Add the lime zest and juice and whisk until thickened and holding soft peaks. Gently fold through the raspberries then spoon into the tin and level with the back of a spoon. Scatter on the coconut; cover and chill overnight or for at least 4 hours.
  • 3Combine all the fruit for the topping up to 2 hours before serving and set aside.
  • 4About 30 minutes before you want to eat, stir the rum, sugar and mint into the fruit. Slice the lime thinly.
  • 5When ready to serve, remove the cheesecake from the tin, cut into squares and immediately top with fruit and the lime slices.
  • You will need a 20cm square cake tin.
  • Recipe photograph by Martin Poole

Get ahead

Make the cheesecake 1 day ahead. Make the topping a few hours ahead and add at the last minute.

You will need

  • oil, for greasing
  • 12 gluten-free large coconut macaroons (we used Mrs Crimble’s)
  • 180g full-fat cream cheese
  • 200ml double cream
  • 397g sweetened condensed milk
  • zest and juice of 4 limes
  • 150g raspberries
  • 4 tbsp desiccated coconut, toasted

For the topping

  • 100g raspberries
  • 1 ripe mango, peeled, stoned and thinly sliced
  • 220g sliced watermelon, peel removed, cut into small dice
  • 2 kiwis, peel removed and cut into small dice
  • 1 tbsp white rum
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint
  • 1 lime

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