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Tamsin Burnett-Hall

Author of cookbooks for WeightWatchers and long-time contributor to Sainsbury's magazine, Tamsin's recipes are always creative. Although she's a specialist in healthy eating, she's not averse to decadent treats, too!

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Lamb kofta curry

  • Serves 8
  • Prep 30 mins
  • Total time 1 hr
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Lamb kofta curry
Lamb kofta curry

step by step

  • 1Put all the ingredients for the spice paste in a food processor with 2 tablespoons water and process until finely chopped. Or chop the onions, chillies, coriander, garlic and ginger finely by hand and combine with the spices in a bowl (you won't need the water then).
  • 2Heat the oil in a large casserole and tip in two-thirds of the spice paste. Cook gently, stirring for 5 minutes, then add the cumin seeds and tomato purée; cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring. Tip in the tomatoes, add the stock and some seasoning. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes, uncovered.
  • 3Meanwhile, combine the rest of the spice paste with the lamb mince. Shape into 48 small meatballs.
  • 4Slide the meatballs into the sauce and mix in gently. Simmer, partially covered for 20 minutes, stirring once or twice. Cool, skim off any excess fat then divide into portions and freeze in airtight containers.
  • Recipe photograph by Dan Jones

Get ahead

The kofta curry can be frozen for up to 3 months. Defrost for 24 hours in the fridge or 8-10 hours at room temperature.

You will need

  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp cumin seeds
  • 4 tbsp tomato purée
  • 2 x 390g cartons chopped tomatoes
  • 500ml vegetable stock
  • 2 x 500g packs lamb mince

For the spice paste

  • 3 medium onions, roughly chopped
  • 2 green chillies, roughly chopped (remove the seeds if you prefer)
  • 1 x 31g pack coriander, roughly chopped
  • 6 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 7.5cm piece root ginger, roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp garam masala
  • 1 tsp turmeric

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